Videnskabernes Selskab holdt Forskningspolitisk Årmøde med titlen: Universitetet i Det Blå Ocean 

Hvidbogen på dansk kan hentes her.

The English version of the White Paper is now available.


Mogens Høgh Jensen, President of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letter: Welcome

Andreas Roepstorff, Chairman of the Science Policy Committee: The annual meeting (presentation)

Søren Pind, the Minister of Science and Education: Our future universities (Læs talen her.)

Zunaira Munir, Blue Ocean Global Network: Blue ocean strategy. (Presentation)

Barry C. Smith, University of London: Engaging the public, and engaging industry, on our terms.

Barry Halliwell, National University of Singapore: National University of Singapore: the Value of A Research-Intensive University in a Small Technology-Focussed Society

Chris Newfield, University of California at Santa Barbara: How not to Wreck the Public Universities (Presentation)