Videnskabernes Selskab holdt Forskningspolitisk Årmøde med titlen: Universitetet i Det Blå Ocean 


Mogens Høgh Jensen, President of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letter: Welcome

Andreas Roepstorff, Chairman of the Science Policy Committee: The annual meeting (presentation)

Søren Pind, the Minister of Science and Education: Our future universities (Læs talen her.)

Zunaira Munir, Blue Ocean Global Network: Blue ocean strategy. (Presentation)

Barry C. Smith, University of London: Engaging the public, and engaging industry, on our terms.

Barry Halliwell, National University of Singapore: National University of Singapore: the Value of A Research-Intensive University in a Small Technology-Focussed Society

Chris Newfield, University of California at Santa Barbara: How not to Wreck the Public Universities (Presentation)

Hvidbogen på dansk kan hentes her.

The English version of the White Paper is now available.