Ben Feringa:

The Joy of Discovery

The 2016 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Professor Ben Feringa from University of Groningen, gives a public lecture on the research that led to the Nobel Prize.

Exploring across the current frontiers of chemical sciences there is vast uncharted territory to experience the joy of discovery. Far beyond Nature’s design, the creative power of synthetic chemistry provides unlimited opportunities to realize our own molecular world as we experience every day with products ranging from drugs to displays that sustain modern society. In their practice of the art of building small, chemists have shown amazing success in the past decades. Moving from molecules to dynamic molecular systems the fundamental challenge is how to control and exploit motion at the nanoscale. In this presentation the focus is on my journey in the world of molecular switches and motors, the process of discovery and my personal experiences through my scientific career. In particular I will address how fundamental questions and molecular beauty have guided me on this journey. Information on

23. apr 2019


  • Sted:

    Niels K. Jerne Auditoriet, The Mærsk Tower
    Blegdamsvej 3B
    2200 Copenhagen N  

  • Arrangement:

    Nobel Laureate Lectures

  • Pris:


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  • Mette Miller Danielsen
  • Programkonsulent
  • +4533435314

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