Kirsten Hastrup (ed.): The Question of Resilience. Social Responses to Climate Change, 2009,362 pp, ISBN 978-87-7304-350-9. Pris 300 kr.

The book originates in a symposium held to inagurate a Research Center at the University of Copenhagen funded by the ERC, Waterworlds.
This title refers to one of the key issues in current discussions on climate change, namely the water-related threats to social communities worldwide. Within the project, these threats are organised in three themes, the melting ice, the rising seas, and teh drying lands, each of which points to ongoing processes of environmental change that are already unsettling local social communities as well as scientists.

In the book members of the Waterworlds team as well as international scholars who contributed to the symposium seek to identify both the actualities of resilience in circumstances where people are already met by environmental threats, and teh conceptual challenges that the notion poses to analysts.