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Nuclear reprogramming and prospects for cell replacement in humans.

Royal Academy Nobel Laureate Lecture with John Gurdon

A Random Walk to Graphene

Nobel Laureate Lecture with Andre Geim

May-Britt Moser: Grid cells and cortical maps for space

Nobel Laureate Lecture - Public Lecture on 19 April 2016.

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Royal Academy Annual Science Policy Meeting

The White Paper is Now Available

Professor Lars Arge elected new Secretary General

Academy members have elected Professor of Computer Science Lars Arge as the new Secretary General to the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters

Mogens Høgh Jensen

New President of the Academy


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Science Walk in Copenhagen

See where famous Danish scientists lived and worked.

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The Antiquities Trade in Egypt 1880-1930. The H.O. Lange Papers

Fredrik Hagen and Kim Ryholt, The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters. Scientia Danica. Series H. Humanistica. 4 vol. 8. 2016. 335 pp. Lavishly illustrated. Price DKK 300

Julius Thomsen. A Life in Chemistry and Beyond

The book presents a full picture of Thomsen and the period in which he lived, meaning not only his science but also his significant contributions to Danish culture and society in general. Price: DKK 280.

Food, Population and Health – global Patterns and Challenges

The topic of the book is of immediate importance. Availability and abundance of food are crucial for the health and subsequently for the wealth of every society – and have always been so. Price DKK 200.

The World of Palmyra

The book presents us with state of the art research and insight into the archaeology and history of a Palmyra, which does not exist anymore, a fascinating site, also called the Pearl of the Desert. Price: DKK 220.