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Topological Defects and Phase Transitions

Royal Academy Nobel Laureate Lecture with Mike Kosterlitz

How Much SRISK is Too Much?

Royal Academy Noble Laureate Lecture

Nuclear reprogramming and prospects for cell replacement in humans.

Royal Academy Nobel Laureate Lecture with John Gurdon

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The Researcher-based education

The Annual Science-policy Meeting

The Researcher-based education

The Annual Science-policy Meeting


New report on negative emission technologies

New Members

Professor Ib Chorkendorff


Fysik, Kemi, Overfladefysik, Katalyse, Energiomsætning

Professor Kaare Christensen


Epidemiologi, aldring, tvillingforskning

Professor Ivan Bjerre Damgård


Kryptologi, sikkerhed, matematik, algoritmik

Professor Anders Lund


Molekylærbiologi, kræftforskning

Lektor Thomas Pape


Zoologi, taxonomi, systematik, evolution

Professor Stine Helene Falsig Pedersen


Cellebiologi, iontransportproteiner struktur og regulering, syre-base regulering, cancer

Professor Bo Thamdrup


Mikrobiel økologi, biogeokemi

Professor, forskningsdirektør Thomas Sinkjær


Neurovidenskab, biomekanik, medicoteknik

Professor Janine Erler


Cancer biology

Professor Tom Gilbert


Evolutionary Biology, Ecology, Genomics

Professor Francesco Sannino


Theoretical Physics, Quantum Field Theory, High Energy Physics and Cosmology


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The Antiquities Trade in Egypt 1880-1930. The H.O. Lange Papers

Fredrik Hagen and Kim Ryholt, The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters. Scientia Danica. Series H. Humanistica. 4 vol. 8. 2016. 335 pp. Lavishly illustrated. Price DKK 300

Julius Thomsen. A Life in Chemistry and Beyond

The book presents a full picture of Thomsen and the period in which he lived, meaning not only his science but also his significant contributions to Danish culture and society in general. Price: DKK 280.

Food, Population and Health – global Patterns and Challenges

The topic of the book is of immediate importance. Availability and abundance of food are crucial for the health and subsequently for the wealth of every society – and have always been so. Price DKK 200.