Science Walk


Take a walk through downtown Copenhagen and see some of the buildings where famous and significant Danish Scientists used to live or work. There are 8 spots on the route:

  1. Ny Vestergade 11 where Nobel Laureate and physiologists August Krogh lived from 1874-1949 with his wife and colleague Marie Krogh.
  2. Prinsens Palæ, the National Museum, Ny Vestergade 10, where historian, archaeologist and director at the Museum Jens Jacob Asmussen Worsaae worked from 1821-85.
  3. Badstuestræde 17 where linguist Rasmus Rask lived from 1787-1832.
  4. Studiestræde 6 where the founder of electromagnetism Hans Christian Ørsted lived from 1777-1851.
  5. Fiolstræde 8 where Professor in metaphysics, Latin and history Ludvig Holberg lived from 1684-1754.
  6. Regensen, St. Kannikestræde 2 where astronomer, inventor and high-ranking civil servant Ole Rømer lived from 1644-1710.
  7. The corner of Klareboderne and Købmagergade where pioneer anatomist and geologist Sten Stensen lived from 1638-1686.
  8. Ved Stranden 14 where pioneer in lung physiology Christian Bohr lived from 1855-1911 and where Niels and Harald Bohr were born here in 1885 and 1887

You can download a booklet with more detailed information on each spot and a map by clicking HERE.


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