The Niels Bohr Foundation is a merger of the following four grants:

  • The Niels Bohr Grant
  • The Emil Herborg Grant for young, Danish scientists (of the natural sciences) lacking means. 
  • The Grant of MA Marcus Lorenzen
  • The Ole Rømer Foundation (only awarded, cannot be applied for)

The Foundation carries on the purposes of the four merged grants (see the instrument of foundation).

It is advisable to apply for all three grants in one application, as applying for a grant from The Niels Bohr Foundation automatically makes the applicant a candidate for all three grants.

Please note that to apply for a grant, you must have a master’s degree, and that only applications with a departure date scheduled for no sooner than December 1st, 2018 will be considered. Grants will not be given to fund management, PhD wages, separation allowance, and conferences/symposiums.

Next deadline for applications is October 1st, 2018.

Application form

To apply for a grant, please use the application form which must be completed and submitted online. You will receive an e-mail confirmation after submitting the form. When attaching documents to the application form, they must be merged into one PDF-file and submitted electronically as well.

Attached documents

The following must be included in the attached documents (6 pages max): project description including well-founded description of the object of the researcher's stay as well as a justification for choosing this specific place to do your research (2 pages max). Documentary proof of research location, including invitation from host university (if possible). Budget, including information about the financing of the stay, and CV.

Questions regarding the above should be addressed to Mette Miller Danielsen on or on +45 33 43 53 10.

Board of trustees

Professor, Dr. Scient. Mogens Høgh Jensen, President of The Royal Academy (chair)

Professor, PhD Lars Arge, Secretary General of The Royal Academy

Professor, Doctor of Pharmacy Hans Bräuner-Osborne, elected by The Class of Natural Sciences at The Royal Academy

Associate professor, Doctor of Philosophy Lene Østermark-Johansen, elected by The Class of Humanities at The Royal Academy

Secretary: Mette Miller Danielsen -

NB: The instrument of foundation and list of grant recipients for The Niels Bohr Foundation are only available in Danish.

To read the instrument of foundation, click here

To see earlier grant recipients, click here.