The academy’s Committee on Science Policy (FPU) assists the Presidium in preparing responses to proposed bills and making presentations to external committees and councils.

Each spring the committee organizes a Committee on Science Policy Annual Meeting where the Academy members, external experts and decision makers are invited to discuss a current theme in research. The committee compile a ‘White Paper’ which is then used as the basis for discussion at the Annual Meeting.

In addition, the members of the Committee, together with external research political figures, contribute to the public debate with featured articles and posts and organize meetings on current community issues during which researchers can contribute their knowledge directly with interested parties.

Every spring the Academy’s Committee on Science Policy organizes Annual Science Policy Meetings and invites key researchers. Further information is available in the Danish of the website.

Secretary: Majka Holm

Members of the Committee on Science Policy:

Jeppe Dyre
Professor, IMFUFA, NSM, Roskilde University

Birgit Schiøtt
Professor, Department of Chemistry, AU

Thomas Sinkjær
Professor, Lundbeckfonden og AAU

Ole Wæver
Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen 

Morten Rievers Heiberg
Department of English, Germanic og Romance Studies, University of Copenhagen

Frederik Stjernfelt
Professor, Department of Communication og Psychology, AAU