November 13th 2017 the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters celebrated its 275 years' jubilee. Part of the celebration was the publication of a comprehensive, lavishly illustrated book that is now published in an English translation:

The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters 1742-2017.

A jubilee celebratory publication

Edited by Marita Akhøj Nielsen

The book contains an account of the history of the Academy from its beginning up to the jubilee, with special attention paid to the latest 25 years. The book consists of two parts, "The long history", and "The history of the scholarly subjects treated at the Academy". The first part describes the founding of the Academy and its institutional development, as well as the Academy in relation to society. The second part contains five chapters, each dealing with a broad range of subjects, written by active researchers in these fields. As an introduction, a short chapter gives an overview of the earlier accounts of the history of the Academy. A comprehensive index of personal names winds up the book.

Popular presentation of research is the aim of all the chapters. Some subjects are, though, more difficult to communicate than others, but hopefully every person interested in a definite subject or field will feel pleased and informed by reading the book. The subjects vary greatly, and so do the authors, and we have respected this without trying to suppress individual characteristics which have been judged to be a richness, perfectly in accordance with the spirit of the Academy.

The covering illustrates the fact that the Academy is constituted by its members. The front shows the Academy's present diploma, the back contains an account of the founding meeting of the Academy on November 13th 1742 with portraits of the five founding fathers of the Academy. The flyleaves and pastedowns display a mosaic with portraits of all the present members in Denmark.

232 pages, lavishly illustrated, 320 DKK excl. VAT.

ISBN 978-87-7304-411-7