The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters with support from The Novo Nordisk Foundation are proud to announce the fourteenth Royal Academy Nobel Laureate Lecture: On 17 March 2017 Professor John Gurdon gave the lecture Nuclear reprogramming and prospects for cell replacement in humans.

Sir John Gurdon was awarded the Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2012 together with Professor Shinya Yamanaka for ‘the discovery that mature cells can be reprogrammed to be pluripotent’. This represents a paradigm shift in our understanding of cellular differentiation and the plasticity of the mature cell, which has introduced a new research area with exciting opportunity for disease treatment. 

In 1962, Sir John Gurdon discovered that the nucleus of a specialized mature cell can be fully reverted to an immature state that in turn can give rise to a functional organism. Since then, Gurdon’s continued investigations of nuclear reprogramming has provided pivotal knowledge about the barriers that restrict cell fate and the means whereby these barriers can be overcome. With his great work, continued scientific curiosity and relentless exploration of mechanisms that underlie epigenetic cell memory, Gurdon is a great source of inspiration for us all.