The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters manages a number of grants which can be applied for in relation to different scientific purposes.

Please note the following:

  • As a rule, applying for a grant managed by The Royal Academy will require a master’s degree (however, this does not apply to The Lillian and Dan Fink Foundation, Julie Marie Vinter Hansens Rejselegat and in even years, The Cayx Grant).
  • Only applications with a date of departure scheduled for at least two months after the deadline for applications can be taken into consideration (i.e. if the deadline for applications is on April 1st, departure date must be no earlier than June 1st).
  • You must fill out the online application form to apply for a grant.

Before filling out the application form, we kindly ask that you go over the specific application requirements of the grant in question, e.g. educational level and purpose.

Questions regarding the grants should be addressed to Rikke Reinholdt Petersen on or on +45 33 43 53 10.

Click here to proceed to the application form. 
*NB: The application form is only available in Danish.