The grant must mainly be used to fund researcher’s stays of a longer duration or more advanced research educations abroad for researchers who have finished their PhD or who have acquired similar experience in some other manner. The application must be based on research that can only be carried out during the stay abroad.

PhD students will only be taken into consideration in the event of special circumstances regarding the stay abroad, primarily in the shape of well-founded extraordinary project costs, and in that case the application must contain an account of how the PhD programme and the special circumstances are financed. In actual practice, a grant is not given to fund a stay abroad that is a compulsory part of a PhD programme.

The grant is given to

  1. Researchers within geophysics – primarily for the study of the interior of the earth and its surface strata
  2. Researchers within empirical psychology

Empirical research based on data is prioritized, and purely theoretical research is funded in exceptional cases only.

Next deadline for applications is April 1st, 2019.

Application form

To apply for a grant, please use the application form which must be completed and submitted online. You will receive an e-mail confirmation after submitting the form. When attaching documents to the application form, they must be merged into one PDF-file and submitted electronically as well.

Attached documents

The following must be included in the attached documents (10 pages max): An overall description of the stay abroad, including a description of the education or research environment and content, as well as a description of the reasons for choosing a given host institution. An application for a grant for a specific research project must contain a description of method. Furthermore, a budget, CV, list of publications, and information about the applicant’s qualifications must also be included. A reference from the host institution may also be included.  

Questions regarding the above should be addressed to Mette Miller Danielsen on or on +45 33 43 53 10.

Board of trustees

Professor with special assignments (MSO) David Lundbek Egholm

Professor, Doctor of Medicine Simo Køppe

Professor Hans Thybo (chair)

Senior research associate, PhD Trine Dahl-Jensen (deputy)

Professor Klaus Mosegaard (deputy)

Professor, PhD Lene Tanggaard Pedersen (deputy)


Secretary: Mette Miller Danielsen -