Career development and entrepreneurship are essential to rebuilding Ukrainian research

The third Ukrainian Scholars’ Days seminar focused on Ukrainian researchers developing their career path, preferably combined with a good measure of entrepreneurship.

CHATGPT ushers research into a new era – callING for new rules of the game

Language models like ChatGPT will change how we conduct research. To ensure transparency and maintain trust in research, a code of conduct should be drawn up, writes the Royal Academy in Altinget, an online Danish political review.

The royal academy's 281st anniversary

We are celebrating the day by looking back on a selection of historical highlights.


How do we know what we know? A new project is designed to create a meeting place for researchers and people to jointly delve into the major challenges of everyday life.

Heads of department at the Danish universities

New report from the Royal Academy presents the findings of a questionnaire study of heads of departments at Denmark’s eight universities.


Discoveries made by PhD students rarely result in a Nobel Prize, but this is what happened to Donna Strickland, whose groundbreaking work in laser physics ushered in not only a new understanding of physics but also optimised mobile phone screens and improved people’s vision.


The networking day for Ukrainian researchers at the Royal Academy was a reminder on International Women’s Day of a community standing strong in the face of adversity.

become a member of the academy of science communication

The Royal Academy is now accepting applications for its next Academy of Science Communication course

New Members elected to the royal academy

Next month the Royal Academy will induct 10 new members in the Humanities and Social Sciences class.

Carlsberg Foundation Research Prizes 2023

The Royal Academy hereby call for proposals of recipients for the Carlsberg Foundation Research Prizes 2023. Deadline is February 21st 2023 at 12.00 noon

UKRAiNIAN SCHOLARS’ DAYs at the royal academy offered insight and networking

Twenty-five Ukrainian scientists residing in Denmark outlined the situation for research in Ukraine to the Ukrainian ambassador and various Danish foundations and put forward their ideas for improvements.

Forward-looking research in globalhealth and inequality wins silver medal

José Manuel Aburto’s research explores the long-term impact of inequality on the health and mortality of the global population, which the COVID-19 pandemic has also brought to the fore. His work has earned him the Silver Medal of the Royal Danish Academy of Science and Letters.

MORTEN MELDAL, Member of the royal Danish academy, receives nobel prize in chemistry

“I was taken completely by surprise when they called me at 11 am,” a jubilant Meldal tells the Royal Academy on being awarded the Nobel Prize. He is the first Danish recipient in 25 years.


On 1 October 2022 the Royal Academy held a gala event to mark the 100th anniversary of the awarding of the Nobel Prize to Niels Bohr and the Golden Jubilee of H.M. Queen Margrethe of Denmark.

Annual research policy meeting: Succesful dissemination of research depends on trust

On Wednesday 21 September 2022 the Royal Academy held its traditional annual Research Policy Meeting.

Member of royalacademy receives prestigious award for his quantum research

The Breakthrough Prize is an American award conferred every year to prominent researchers in life science, fundamental physics and mathematics. Among the recipients this year is physicist Charles H. Bennett.

Nobel laureate proposes solutions to the climate crisis

For the 21st time since 2011 the Royal Academy jointly with Novo Nordisk Foundation arranged a visit by an internationally renowned researcher to Denmark


On 30 June 2022 the Royal Academy hosted a lecture by Nobel Laureate Professor Frank Wilczek. See pictures of the lecture and reception.


Academies have joined forces across national boundaries to support vulnerable researchers from Ukraine. At a meeting in Warsaw on 2 June 2022 a ten-point plan of action was drawn up aimed at specifically helping young researchers. The plan has just been published in the scientific journal Science.

Nine New Members Join the Danish Young Academy

The Danish Young Academy has just admitted nine new members, each from a different academic field. One more university is now represented in the Young Academy following this round of admissions, namely Ilisimatusarfik – University of Greenland.

New Members of the Royal Academy

The Royal Academy recently elected 15 new members for its Class of Natural Sciences.

HM queen margrethe II’s science award

Enjoy images from the award ceremony.

New ALLEA Report

A new ALLEA report delves into academia’s impact on the climate through its own operations from the perspective of various stakeholders that play a key role in shaping the academic system. The report goes on to make a series of tailored recommendations to mitigate detrimental effects.

Bohr's Building Blocks: The Physician’s Success Was Based on Collaboration and Practical Sense

Niels Bohr was the architect behind the world-famous Bohr model of the atom in 1913. But which components underpinned the scientist and his genius? We put that question to the physicist's grandson Tomas Bohr and great-grandson Emil Bjerrum-Bohr when they gave a joint lecture at the Royal Academy on their common ancestor and source of inspiration to mark the annual Research Day (Forskningens Døgn).

Three tips for better communication

Michael Bang Petersen, recipient of The Research Communication Award 2022, presents his three best tips on how to communicate research.

New Head of the Royal Academy Secretariat

From June 1, The Royal Academy has a new Executive Secretary: Karin Kjær Madsen comes from a position heading the secretariat of The Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy. She brings with her more than 20 years of experience in the field of research policy from, amongst other places, the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

Regenerative Agriculture: Healthy Soil Best Bet for Carbon Storage

A new report by Europe’s National Academies of Sciences (EASAC) provides evidence that a transformation to regenerative agriculture holds promising keys to reducing climate risks while providing the growing world population with food and enhancing biodiversity.

The Royal Academy Appoints a New Head of Policy and Analysis

On May 1, Jonas Krog Lind took up the newly created position as Head of Policy and Analysis at The Royal Academy’s Secretariat. Jonas Krog Lind comes from a position as a senior consultant at DEA.

The Royal Academy supports statements from ALLEA, ISC, IHRN, and UAI on Ukraine

The organizations ALLEA, ISC, IHRN, and UAI have recently released statements in response to the ongoing military incursion by Russia into Ukraine. The statements express a deep concern for the safety of the country, its citizens as well as for the research and academic community in Ukraine.

"Look before you Leap"

European Science Academies Caution against Subsidies for Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS)

A Scientific Journey Into Historical Monarchies

At a symposium at the Royal Academy on 24 February, 14 researchers offered their historical, cultural, and literary interpretations of history's great monarchies. The occasion marked the 50th anniversary of the accession of Queen Margrethe II, and as Patron of the Royal Academy, the Queen attended a number of the lectures.

The Carlsberg Foundation Research Prizes 2022

Call for nominations of recipients for the Carlsberg Foundation Research Prizes

Debate on science communication

Come and take part in a discussion on how we can strengthen science communication in Denmark. The meeting, a joint effort between the Danish Board of Technology and the Royal Academy of Sciences, will be held on 7 February.

The royal academy of sciences and letters welcomes new members

The new members of the Royal Academy's Humanities and Social Sciences class have now been announced.

Christmas project is "healthy exercise" in communication

In December, the Royal Academy of Sciences published 8 short films explaining the scientific content of this year's televised Christmas calendar series on TV2. In them, Academy members gave short research-based answers to why our world looks the way it does.

Interdesciplinary meeting place for young researchers celebrates 10th anniversary

This year, The Young Academy celebrates its 10th anniversary. On December 1st, the occasion was marked by a celebration at the Carlsberg Academy.

Quantum physicist receives hm queen Margrethe II’S science award

Peter Lodahl, Professor of quantum physics and quantum technology at the Niels Bohr Institute and Director of the Danish National Research Foundation's Center for Hybrid Quantum Networks, is the recipient of this year's Science Award from The Royal Academy for his pioneering basic research in experimental quantum optics.

Professor Thomas Sinkjær Elected new secretary general at the royal academy

The members of the 278 years old academy have elected a remarkable person in Danish science as their new Secretary General. Professor Thomas Sinkjær has occupied great posts in governing boards of foundations and is behind the publishing of more than 200 scientific articles.

Carlsberg Foundation Research Prizes 2021

The Royal Academy hereby call for nominations for the Carlsberg Foundation Research Prizes 2021. Deadline is May 10th 2021 at 12.00 a.m.

New initiative prepares scientists for communication and debate

In the course of the next three years, more than 250 scientists will have the opportunity to participate in “the Academy of Communication” (“Formidlingsakademiet”) when the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters this autumn presents a large-scale course on communications. The project is funded by the Carlsberg Foundation and the Novo Nordisk Foundation with more than 4 million DKK.

300.000 pages of science right at hand!

What do mammoths, meteors and the principals of moral philosophy have in common? Each of them is a topic that you can look up on our brand-new publication platform – a public access, free of charge tool that allows you to browse through all of the scientific books and articles published by the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters since 1745.

New President of The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters

The new President, elected by the members of the Academy, is Marie Louise Nosch, Professor at the University of Copenhagen, historian specialized in ancient Greek history, and textile researcher.

New publication on models for measuring the behaviour of animals

Attempted Solution to a Fundamental Psychobiological Problem

New book

Women, children and family in ancient Palmyra

The Researcher-based education

The Annual Science-policy Meeting

The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters elects new editor

After working for several years in Italy as the director of The Danish Academy in Rome, it is now time for Marianne Pade to return to Denmark where she will take on the job as editor at the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters. Marita Akhøj Nielsen, who has acted as the editor at the Royal Academy throughout the last 12 years, is very pleased to pass on her seat at the editor’s desk to Pade and predicts a bright future for the publishing department of the Royal Academy with Marianne Pade leading the way.

Leading Danish Scientist receives

The Niels Bohr International Gold Medal