Committee on the Dissemination of Research - The Public Lectures at the Academy are organized by a committee consisting of three members of the Class of Humanities and three members of the Class of Natural Sciences. Committee members alternate as moderators at the lectures.

Committee on Science Policy - The Academy’s Committee on Science Policy are behind the organization of the annual Science Policy Meeting at the Royal Academy as well as the writing of the white paper in connection to the meeting. The Committee on Science Policy assists the Presidium in preparing responses to consultation papers as well as in making presentations to external committees and councils.

Publication Committee - The Publication Committee supports the work of the Editor and assists in creating guidelines for the making of the publications and peer review processes. The committee works as the Editor’s closest network at the Academy. It consists of 6 members, three from each of the Academy’s classes that are all elected by the classes.

Statutory Committee- 

Climate Committee - The Royal Academy’s Climate Group seeks to strengthen the contribution of the basic sciences to solving the green transition with a view to improving climate, sustainability, and biodiversity. The central activity consists in organizing meetings of an interdisciplinary character, where the challenges for the green transition are illuminated from the perspectives of all relevant sciences from natural science via the social sciences to the humanities. In November 2020 and 2021, the Climate Group organized two internal meetings for members of the Royal Academy. The themes were, respectively, ‘Translation: From Climate Research to Social and Political Practice’ and ‘How may the (Basic) Sciences be Translated into Concrete Action?’. In May 2022, a workshop will be held that is addressed to the wider scientific community in Denmark with the theme of ‘Barriers for Action in the Green Transition as seen from an Interdisciplinary, Scientific Viewpoint’. 

Committee for quantum information and quantum computing- Quantum information and quantum computing is an interdisciplinary field of research that brings physics, computer science and mathematics together. Research points to new quantum technologies that have the potential to revolutionize our information-based society. There is enormous growth in the field of research both internationally and in Denmark in recent years. This committee creates a forum for members who research in the field as well as other interested members, who here can discuss this development, create new initiatives and be in contact with each other and similar groups abroad.

International Committee - The International Committee has the main purpose of collaborating with other international organizations and committees on behalf of the

Royal Academy.

Programme Committee -

Corona Committee - 

Education Committee - The committee for education is to articulate general, primarily research based, perspectives on selected fields within education at large, prioritizing the relationship between research and teaching/learning throughout the entire educational system both horizontally and vertically, including teacher education, researcher recruitment and talent development.

Committee on Science-based Policy Advice - The Danish institutional landscape for science-based policy advice went through a major change in the wake of the University Law from 2003. Moreover, in 2007 most government research institutions were merged into universities. This brought both practitioners of commissioned research and university management into a new situation, which came on top of the changes due to the new hierarchical system of management. (White papers published by the Academy’s Committee on Science Policy took up the potential implications at the time). In a wider perspective, the overall relations between scientific expertise and political decision-making have been a topic of controversy in a variety of contexts. In 2022 a committee was set up to look at the situation in this important area.