The Academy collaborates with other academies and scientific organizations worldwide.

ISC - International Science Council - is a global NGO whose member organizations represent 140 countries from around the world and 40 international academically oriented unions.

Human Rights Network - Committee for Human Rights

The Academy in 2002 joined the Danish Scientific Academia National Committee for Human Rights with the aim of providing active support to researchers worldwide whose basic human rights are being violated.

ALLEA - All European Academies - is an association of academies across both the natural sciences and the humanities in 40 different European countries.

EASAC - European Academies Science Advisory Council - is a council of science academics that form an EU-member joint advisory body in relation to EU policy.

UAI - Union Académique International – is an association of national academies that support international cooperation in the humanities and social sciences.

De Nordiske Akademier: 

For further information on the Academy's international relations, please contact the permanent staff