Danmarks Havalger Bind 1 Rødalger (Rhodophyta). The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters. Scientia Danica. Series B, Biologica, vol. 7. 392 pages, many illustrations. Paperback. 2019.

Danmarks Havalger Bind 2 Brunalger (Phaeophyceae) og Grønalger (Chlorophyta). The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters. Scientia Danica. Series B, Biologica, vol. 8. 476 pages, many illustrations. Paperback. 2019.

Danmarks Havalger (Seaweeds of Denmark) is the most comprehensive Danish algal flora to date. It includes descriptions with illustrations of all the marine red, brown and green macroalgae recorded from Danish waters.

The authoritative scientific text, together with the informative photographic illustrations, make the book a valuable tool for teachers and students at high schools and universities.

The introduction provides a general overview of the subject, including the history of algal research in Denmark, conditions for algal growth and seasonal variation, morphology, growth and special structures that characterize and distinguish the red algae, the brown algae, and the green algae. Systematics and nomenclature also mentioned, and some additional handbooks listed. A special section covers the use of algae in food, and in other sections there are explanations for collecting, preparing herbarium specimens and microscopic slides, and notes on algal culturing techniques.

For each species there is a general description followed by information on structure, reproduction, seasonality and habitat. Maps are provided which show the distribution of species in Danish waters.

Pictures of herbarium specimens illustrate the general appearance of larger algae. The small algae are illustrated in micrographs, and details of morphology and reproductive structures are illustrated. Although the text is in Danish, the many illustrations make it useful for non-Danish speaking phycologists.

The illustrations will be of great help for the identification of algal species. There are also identification keys to the genera of red, brown and green algae. For species identification, specific keys are provided under the respective genera.

Volume 2 contains a glossary of terms used in both the identification keys and descriptions of the genera and species.

The main authors both received the degree of Masters of Science from the University of Copenhagen, Ruth in 1971 and Steffen in 1984. Both have many years of experience of scientific research and teaching at marine biological courses at the Universities of Aarhus and Copenhagen.

The two volumes cost 500 DKK. They are not sold separately.

The volumes are only available in Danish.

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Volume 1: 

ISSN 1904-5484

ISBN 978-87-7304-421-6

Volume 2: 

ISSN 1904-5484

ISBN 978-87-7304-422-3