ISSN: 1904-5484

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 Sci.Dan.B.6 Ib Friis, Henrik Balslev Tropical Plant Collections 2017, 320 pp, lavishly illustrated  300 DKK
P. M. Jónasson, K. Hamburger, C. Lindegaard, E. Lastein og Peter C. Dall†  Respiratory adaptation of zoobenthos to access to oxygen and habitat structure in dimictic eutrophic lakes affecting vertical distribution - Scientia Danica, Series B, Biologica, Vol. 5. 38 s., illustreret. 100 kr. ISSN 1904-5484. ISBN 978-87-7304-390-5.
 80 DKK
Elvira Cotton, Fin Borchseius, Henrik Balslev 
A revision of Axinaea (Melastomataceae) 2014, 121 pp, rich illustrated
 160 DKK


Sachin Rustgi, Nuan Weng, Diter von Wettstein m.fl.

Natural dietary therapies for the 'gluten syndrome' 2014, 87 pp, illustrated

150 DKK


Reinhardt Møbjerg Kristensen, Jesper Guldberg Hansen and Aslak Jørgensen

The armoured marine tardigrades
2012. 91pp. Illustrated

150 DKK


Inge Bødker Enghoff

Regionality and biotope exploitation in Danish Ertebølle and adjoining periods. 2011. 394 pp. Lavishly illustrated.

320 DKK


Ib Friis, Sebsebe Demissew and Paulo van Breugel

Atlas of the Potential Vegetation of Ethiopia. 2010. 307 pp. 29 plates, 41 figures.

400 DKK


Philippe Provençal

The Arabic Plant Names of Peter Forsskål's Flora Aegyptiaco-Arabica. 2010. 155 pp.

200 DKK



Poly-unsaturated Fatty Acids, Neural Function and Mental Health. Proceedings of an international and interdisciplinary symposium. The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, August 9, 2007. Edited by Ole G. Mouritsen and Michael A. Crawford. 2007. 87 pp. Ill.

100 DKK