Food, Population and Health – global Patterns and Challenges. Proceedings of an Interdisciplinary Symposium on the Dynamics from Prehistory to Present. Edited by Lars Jørgensen, Niels Lynnerup, Anne Løkke and Henrik Balslev.

The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters. Scientia Danica. Series H. Humanistica. 4 vol. 7. 2016. 185 pp. Ill. Price: DKK 200.

Food, Population and Health – global Patterns and Challenges comprises 17 articles based on presentations at a symposium held at the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters in September 2014, supplemented with an appendix on the extensive collections of the National Museum of Denmark as a basis for interdisciplinary research.

The topic of the book is of immediate importance. Availability and abundance of food are crucial for the health and subsequently for the wealth of every society – and have always been so. The 17 papers present case stories from a wide range of historical periods, geographical regions, and types of societies. The potentialities of new technologies are discussed, as well as principles followed and methods employed.

The interdisciplinary forum demanded rather popular presentations and the book has therefore a broad appeal to an audience without very specific qualifications. At the same time, researchers from different fields, e.g. medicine, anthropology, sociology, economy, history, and archaeology, will learn about new achievements and new methodical approaches.

ISSN 1904-5506 • ISBN 978-87-7304-399-8