One hundred years of the Bohr atom. Proceedings from a Conference. Scientia Danica. Series M, Mathematica et physica vol. 1. Edited by Finn Aaserud & Helge Kragh. 2015. 560 pp. Ill. 320 DKK

The year 2013 marked the centennial of Niels Bohr’s theory of atomic and molecular constitution, a pioneering contribution to fundamental physics which, for the first time, incorporated the quantum of action in a theory of matter and light. 

This volume, presenting the outcome of an international conference held at the Royal Academy of Sciences and Letters in Copenhagen in June 2013, includes 24 articles related to Bohr’s atomic theory and his views of the quantum world generally. The volume is divided into four parts, the first addressing the origin of the atomic theory and how it was subsequently disseminated in more popular forms. While the second part deals mostly with developments that built on and extended Bohr’s atomic theory, the third is devoted to philosophical and contemporary aspects relating more broadly to Bohr’s quantum theories. 

The last part of the volume contains articles of a historical nature with an emphasis on national, political and institutional aspects associated with Bohr’s life until about 1930.